Movie Genre: Horror, Mystery and Suspense
Writers: Fede Alvarez and Rodo Sayagues
Rating: R (for terror, violence, disturbing content, and language including sexual references)
Starring: Jane Levy, Dylan Minnette, Daniel Zovatto and Stephen Lang.

Movie Information: A group of friends break into a house of a wealthy blind man, thinking they’ll get away with no problem. They’re very wrong, as it would be the worst night of their lives.

Movie Review: Don’t Breathe is the claustrophobic thriller of the summer that blends well with great interpretation of fears of the unknown, horrors of uncertainty and intellectually crafted suspense. This simple and brilliant concept adds a fresh and unpredictable approach to the home invasion genre through their strong use of sound and movements. The performances were all pretty good and believable, the characters were well-realized as we can see what truly defines them by the decisions and choices they make. Exceptionally, the true incredible performance was by Stephen Lang as The Blind Man, he was greatly horrifying and was the main core of suspense throughout the film, he portrayed his disability excellently and generated a thunderstorm of tension. There wasn’t really much of a narrative story, but more of a heart-pumping occurrence that grabs the audience’s attention and never lets go. The camerawork and sound design combined to craft a spectacular chase between these tensed characters was enriching and meticulous. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much character background for me to connect with, so I didn’t have much of an investment with the main characters. More or less, Don’t Breathe is a greatly crafted suspense/thriller film that is a must-see for any horror fan out there that is surely to produce squirms and screeches.

Bite by Bite Movie Details Score!
This is my originally created list of movie details, all having the maximum score of 10, and a minimum score of 0. These are just my personal scores on how I felt about the details of the movie, if you have any objections, disagreements or agreements too, feel free to comment back, let’s have a discussion!

Story: 7/10
Character Development: 8/10
Intensity and Climax: 9.5/10
Originality: 7/10
Emotional Connection: 8.5/10
Discovery: 7/10
Script: 7.5/10
Camerawork: 8.5/10
Soundtrack/Score: 9/10
Message: 7/10

Total average score: 7.9 out of 10 Popcorn Bites!
Personal Grade: Bright and Sweet! B+ 😀

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Hasil carian imej untuk dont breathe
Credited To Collider

I must say how much I love a good horror/thriller film as it’s even better experience in the cinema with its full surround sound system and the glorious wide screen that I know and love. ❤ This year is a really great year for horror films! – said the critics and the general audiences, this film alongside with The Conjuring 2, Lights Out and The Witch. (I have not watched The Conjuring 2 or The Witch, but I have heard and seen reviews for them being pretty great 🙂 ) Get Popcorn and Get Comfy, this is Captain Popcorn!