Movie Genre: Horror
Writers: Eric Heisserer
Rating: PG13 (for terror throughout, violence including disturbing images, some thematic material and brief drug content)
Starring: Teresa Palmer, Gabriel Bateman, Alexander DiPersia and Maria Bello.

Movie Information: When her little brother, Martin (Gabriel Bateman), experiences the same events that once tested her sanity, Rebecca (Teresa Palmer) works to unlock the truth behind the unknown terror, which brings her face to face with an entity that has an attachment to their mother, Sophie. (Maria Bello)

Movie Review: Lights Out is the terrifying depiction of depression, .loneliness, paranoia and nyctophobia, that ties in with conventional horror and unworldly forces of evil. The simplistic plot provides great clarity on the story structure which makes for easy-going viewing.  The well-performances of the actors are the main core of the film, that possess traits that go against traditional horror movie actions, which brings a fresh and original approach to this familiar premise. The main antagonist brings an unidentifiable aura which invokes great fear of uncertainty and ambiguity, especially for me, I’m always creeped out at things/entities that are unknown or have no logical explanation to it. The writer use real world solutions and sensible thought processes in the script which keeps the movie grounded and believable, which intensifies the horror as the movie dwells deeper. The filmmakers displayed great creativity on changing the uses of darkness and lighting, refraining from repeating the same scares and enhancing the suspense instead. The spooky cinematography and the eerie soundtrack accompanies the film well, there were missed opportunities for more character development and clearer back story.

Bite by Bite Movie Details Score!
This is my originally created list of movie details, all having the maximum score of 10, and a minimum score of 0. These are just my personal scores on how I felt about the details of the movie, if you have any objections, disagreements or agreements too, feel free to comment back, let’s have a discussion!

Story: 7.5/10
Character Development: 7.5/10
Intensity and Climax: 9/10
Originality: 6/10
Emotional Connection: 7.5/10
Discovery: 9/10
Script: 7.5/10
Camerawork: 8.5/10
Soundtrack/Score: 8/10
Message: 7/10

Total average score: 7.75 out of 10 Popcorn Bites! 🙂
Personal Grade: Bright and Sweet! B+

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On a serious and personal note, this actual occurrence is up to you to believe it but it honestly doesn’t matter but after watching this film with my sister, we came home and we loved the film very much. Then, I went to my room to on my lamp that I usually do every night, it started to flicker and got dimmer – then the light died. 😀 Humorously, I was laughing at how perfectly timed the lamp was about to die as I just finished watching the film, so I told my sister immediately and she just shrieked then shrugged. Nonetheless, this is one of the only good horror films that I got to experience in the cinemas, and the price of the ticket was so worth it, the audience at our hall were having so much fun and horror together 😀 Get Popcorn and Get Comfy, this is Captain Popcorn!

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