Why hello there readers! This is Captain Popcorn 😀 I hope all of you lovely people are doing great and happy ❤ For today, I’m doing something different with this site and this is definitely not a review for films or movies, but my own thought pieces about my greatest love in my life – MOVIES! Therefore, I will be posting one Golden Movie Talks after every 5 reviews so that I can just express my own opinions and thoughts about films, to let all of you know me better personally and about my life. 🙂

Since this year’s March, I have only started doing movie reviews on this website due to my immense love and passion for the countless amazing films I have watched. But what is it about movies that make me love them so much? I have loved movies and going to the cinema ever since I was young, in fact it was the stories that really got me hooked as a child. My mother have always told me that my very first movie in the cinema, was – Charlie And The Chocolate Factory (2005) directed by Tim Burton! That famous film where the annoying kids (excluding sweet o’ Charlie) get eliminated in that big giant chocolate land with the singing midget clones? Yes, that one indeed.

Image Credited to Bustle

  What truly got me fascinated and curious about this new world before my eyes, were the characters and their universe. I loved how colorful, unique and interesting these characters were, and I actually thought that this land of infinite chocolate existed somewhere in this world. (I have then found – Realism) Eventually, this sparked me to start creating characters and stories of my own! It became my childhood obsession to draw these characters and stories on paper, so my family thought that I wanted to be an artist, which in a way I do. 🙂 Soon, I unknowingly wanted to achieve something that would be very important to my life and personality – Creativity.
As the years go by, I stumbled upon much more films with more great characters and awesome storylines. The cinema became a magical and mystical land of discovery and experience, the factory of my happiness. Whenever I would go for a movie with my family at the malls, I felt the overwhelming excitement to watch a new film, I would smell the buttery scented glistening popcorn that leads me there. When I take my seat in the cold and comfy environment of the Cinema, with many other people and not only my family,I would always feel the adrenaline rush when the movie is about the start, I found my mental rollercoaster ride! ❤
Emotions. Yes, emotions, that is the main ingredient to my fantastic time while watching a movie. The characters on the big screen sometimes could make me gasp at the wonders that they were doing, watching Tobey Maguire’s Spiderman swinging from building to building was truly amazing, I would clench my fists when he got beaten down by Doc Oct’s horrifying eight arms, and then relieved to know that Spiderman would come up on top again to beat him back! I remember bursting out laugher at the hilarious Captain Jack Sparrow outrun the evil pirates, it would keep my eyes glued to him as I cheer him on to success. 😀 Some characters were too scary for me to handle, and I would feel fearful of them, even if it was just through a screen; I wasn’t that comfortable with Pirates Of The Carribean : Dead Man’s Chest‘s Davy Jones with his sickening tentacles, but that is purpose of having a good villain, to scare and intimidate the audience. Then I would pick up on a trend on movies I have watched – the hero and the villain, the protagonist and antagonist.

Spiderman – Image Credited to Tech Times
Captain Jack Sparrow – Image Credited to Borongaja
Doc Oct – Image Credited to Spiderman-Films-Wikia
Davy Jones – Image Credited to Disney Wikia

  One distinct movie that I have always truly loved when I was younger, is Inception (2010) directed by Christopher Nolan. I would say this film is what got me to really start thinking on bigger ideas and stories, as my experience of the film when I was 11 Years Old is like none other before. The story was much more imaginative than any movie I have seen, and had a much deeper and complex storyline that I was confused yet captivated. I had this hunger for exploration and information, naturally intrigued at the most interesting plot I have yet to witness. I was still thinking and deciphering the story after the viewing of the film, and it became my favorite movie of all time at that time. Ever since then, I would have a different perception on to dreams, many questions start to grow in my head, my perspective onto life also changes, could our whole lives be just a dream all along? To this day, movies that can provoke my thoughts and perspectives were bound to be my favorites, movies that can leave a message for us to carry into our lives and personality, now that is true power.

Inception (2011) – Image Credited to bettybluefanfan

I would always love the sensation of listening to the strong, heartening themes of Hans Zimmer in theatres with it’s full atmosphere and glory, in the prominent movies by Christopher Nolan; Inception, Interstellar and The Dark Knight trilogy. It also helps to make scenes more emotionally powerful, more exciting, more sentimental, more grand, more conclusion. I have then discovered soundtracks and scores, which I realized that having a good and suitable soundtrack for a film can be groundbreaking and essential. My goosebumps arise as I listen to the grand theme of John Williams when the golden words appear – STAR WARS. The symphonies of the Harry Potter films are endlessly exciting, the magical score of The Chronicles of Narnia flows with mystifying forests. I feel alive when I hear soundtracks that can be inspiring and full of emotional weight; the famous fist-pumping score of Rocky Balboa‘s strive for success, the sweet and heartwarming soundtrack from Forrest Gump, the swift touching tones of When Marnie Was There‘s music. Whenever I hear a great soundtrack in any film whether it’s in the cinema or in my house, I would always feel maximum euphoria and freshness.


(Interstellar – Hans Zimmer.com, Star Wars – Star Wars Wikia, Harry Potter – Wikipedia, Rocky Balboa – Wikipedia)

The rush, the exhilaration and the thrill. Thriller and action genres are the main providers for this dominant sensation. I gaze in awe and be riveted by high speed pursuits that contain unstoppable acceleration, when Batman rides his Batmobile against the Joker in The Dark Knight, when Ethan Hunt chases down the Syndicate with his motorcycle in Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, and when Captain America runs at full speed to catch the Winter Soldier in Captain America : The Winter Soldier. Let’s not forget about amazing fight sequences as I LIVE for them; I clamp my hands to the seat as Captain America fights against the Winter Soldier on their first encounter in yet again Captain America : TWS, I screech in fear when Wolverine fight against the Japanese on top of a speeding bullet train in The Wolverineand I cheer while worrying for the grandmaster Ip Man, as he faces off 10 Karate black belts alone in the cantonese Martial Arts film – Ip Man. (One of the best martial art movies of all time, in my opinion :D)

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation – Schmoes Know
Captain America: The Winter Soldier – Marvel Cinematic Universe Wikia
The Wolverine – Deadshirt
Ip Man – Hero Viral

Crying in movies. Yes, I love to cry and feel emotional in films, as I think it’s something special and extraordinary that I could sit down and watch a film for a couple hours, then feel so much for the characters and their story. I can feel so much sympathy for a character that I would cry and bawl my eyes out, I would feel inspired by a character from their success or their strong, deep messages, I can feel great empathy for a character’s loss and reflect back on my own life. Some of my favorite characters of all time felt like they were my closest friends ever, at least I wanted to be, as we can know so much about them through films both personally and intimately; Theodore Twombly from Her, Forrest Gump from Forrest Gump, Lester Burnham from American Beauty and Ivan Locke from Locke. Movies have the power to make us care, worry and feel for the characters, they can take us on a immersive trip into their world, movies can have a much bigger impact on us than we actually think.

Theodore Twombly from Her (2013) – Pinterest
Forrest Gump by Forrest Gump (1994) – Forrest Gump
Lester Burnham from American Beauty (1999) – Standard Issue
Ivan Locke from Locke (2013) – Highdefdigest

These may just be the tip of the iceberg of information, thoughts and things that I truly love about films, there are still so much more that I haven’t mentioned or discussed, so anything that you guys think is missing or not included for this write up, don’t worry! I’m planning to do much more thought pieces and movie talks such as this, and my love for movies will be further expressed! My ambition and dream for my life, is to be able to make or produce movies, to send powerful messages to wide audiences and probably invoke their thoughts/emotions. I want to make people feel the power of films, just like how I feel it and love it in every way, it’s always easy to just watch and enjoy films with friends for the rest of my life, but I want to be able to create these awesome work of art and drama.

To end off my very first Golden Movie Talks episode, enjoy this great music video – one of my favorite songs by one of my favorite artists! (Thriller by Michael Jackson) This is Captain Popcorn, have a good one!