Movie Genre: Drama, Action and Adventure, Comedy
Writers: Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg
Rating: R (includes violent content, graphic imagery and strong language)
Starring: Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Martin Freeman, Jim Broadbent, Paddy Considine and Timothy Dalton.

Movie Information: A phenomenal London cop Nicholas Angel (Simon Pegg) is transferred a strange English village and is paired with a moronic new partner. As he stays in the village, Nicholas suspects a sinister conspiracy occurring around the village.

Movie Review: From the brilliant and hilarious minds of The World’s End, Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg had a stronger force to be reckoned with, in writing this incredible story which is the second installment of the “Three Flavors Cornetto” series. In my opinion, this film is the best one in the trilogy for their hilarious character development, a much compelling and original story structure, that is both intriguing and awesomely entertaining! Simon Pegg‘s character struggles with the cultural differences and constant alienation from the people of the village, pushing him to really work hard that he isn’t at wrong, with his attempt at forming a friendship with fetus-like Nick Frost‘s character. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are also at their best with developing strong chemistry, that is effortless funny to watch, my favorite performances in the trilogy! 😀 This movie is utterly filled with Edgar Wright’s trademark camerawork with fast quick-cut editing and rapid close ups that makes for excellent visual comedy and efficient storytelling, that can be rare to find in films today. Not just a laugh-fest that never stops tickling my tummy, but a great action drama as well with some intense scenes that got me really invested, it really caught me off guard, which is great! ❤ Simon Pegg doesn’t let down on giving a great character, that really made me care about him and just wanted him to succeed, and that is saying something, about how I would cheer him on to get things right. 🙂

Bite by Bite Movie Details Score!
This is my originally created list of movie details, all having the maximum score of 10, and a minimum score of 0. These are just my personal scores on how I felt about the details of the movie, if you have any objections, disagreements or agreements too, feel free to comment back, let’s have a discussion!

Story: 8.5/10
Character Development: 9/10
Intensity and Climax: 8/10
Originality: 7/10
Emotional Connection: 8.5/10
Discovery: 8/10
Script: 9.5/10
Camerawork: 10/10
Soundtrack/Score: 7.5/10
Message: 9/10

Total average score: 8.5 out of 10 Popcorn Bites! 😀
Personal Grade: Awesome Bomb! A

Edgar Wright is one of my only favorite comedy directors out there, and he has yet to let me down with his incredibly directed and creatively written films, as I have reviewed The World’s End which is also spectacular and hilarious, I will be reviewing Scott Pilgrim Vs The World in the future, as that is also one of Edgar Wright’s best works yet. So get your friends and have a good time, Get Popcorn and Get Comfy, this is Captain Popcorn!

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