Movie Genre: Drama, Action and Adventure, Mystery and Suspense
Writers: Joel Coen and Ethan Coen (screenplay), Cormac McCarthy (novel).
Rating: R (includes strong graphic violence and strong language!)
Starring: Tommy Lee Jones, Javier Bardem, Josh Brolin, Woody Harrelson, Kelly MacDonald.

Movie Information: After Llewelyn Moss (Josh Brolin), a Vietnam veteran discovers two million dollars while wandering in Texas, a series of violence and chaos ensues as he is chased down by a mysterious and deadly killer.

Movie Review: The Coen Brothers crafts another strong and intriguing piece of art and film like no other director, using mostly brilliant and efficient visuals and sounds for flawless storytelling, with little dialog that is written excellently nonetheless. A terrific and terrifying story that convey it’s messages and amazing character study without using much of the script. It’s gorgeous cinematography contains the beauty of the western nature and top-notch camerawork. On par with the polished and impeccable directing, are the outstanding lead performances from Josh Brolin and Tommy Lee Jones, each are strong and strict in their own code and manner; But the true superior and powerful achievement, is by Javier Bardem‘s mysterious Anton Chigurh that is silently horrifying and haunting that will assuredly be one of cinema’s most scariest performances ever. The film is essentially a clever and detailed chase between the good and evil, a subtle thriller that has the characters rock your emotions back and forth like a see-saw competition between two wrestlers. I loved the brutal silence throughout the film that enhances the gripping intensity between the actions and decisions by the characters, for enthralling suspense that can be described as very intense stand-off between detectives. With little to no score or soundtrack for the entire runtime, it forms a stronger sense of realism and presence of the characters to the audience that is used impressively, but might come off dull or dry to other audiences.

Bite by Bite Movie Details Score!
This is my originally created list of movie details, all having the maximum score of 10, and a minimum score of 0. These are just my personal scores on how I felt about the details of the movie, if you have any objections, disagreements or agreements too, feel free to comment back, let’s have a discussion!

Story: 9/10
Character Development: 9.5/10
Intensity and Climax: 10/10
Originality: 9/10
Emotional Connection: 8/10
Discovery: 7.5/10
Script: 9.5/10
Camerawork: 10/10
Soundtrack/Score: 1/10
Message: 9.5/10

Total average score: 8.3 out of 10 Popcorn Bites! 😀
Personal Grade: Awesome Syrup! A+
No Country for Old Men is not only a long lasting Coen Brother’s classic, but a powerful movie classic of the 21th century that is one of the most well-acclaimed movies to ever come by. I personally love this movie more each time I go back to view it, and it’s a brilliant masterpiece that any aspiring filmmaker should watch and learn from the great Coen Brothers that further proves their incredible work at directing. But this film is definitely not family friendly, as for several disturbing imagery, so pick your film-buddy wisely, so Get Popcorn and Get Comfy, this is Captain Popcorn!

(Image Credits: Movie Poster – The Soul Of The Plot, First Image – Rotten Tomatoes, Second Image – BadWolf)