Movie Genre: Mystery and Suspense
Writers: James Vanderblit (screenplay), Robert Graysmith (book).
Rating: R (includes strong killings, strong language, drug material and brief sexual images)
Starring: Jake Gyllenhaal, Mark Ruffalo, Robert Downey Jr., Anthony Edwards and Brian Cox.

Movie Information: The entire San Francisco Bay Area attempts to crack a mysterious game of codes and puzzles from an anonymous and dangerous serial killer, that happens to leave behind clues and details for the police and the public to solve, calling himself the ‘Zodiac’.

Movie Review: Another powerful and fantastic mystery epic by David Fincher, who showed immaculate detail and smooth camerawork in this film, brightening the colors and sounds of the 1970s, bringing a vintage and traditional mood to it. Incredible character development, everyone has a great clarity of personality with detailed characteristics, the golden highlights include Robert Downey Jr., Mark Ruffalo and Jake Gyllenhaal! I even think, this is one of Robert Downey Jr.‘s best performances ever, proving that he is another extraordinary actor. ❤ A strong and never-ending thriller, which is mostly dialogue driven drama, the movie gets more appealing as it progresses, feeding our intense curiosity with information after information. The story also has a bone-chilling aspect, as the unspeakable and terrifying attacks are based on real case files, adding a non-fiction feel to the film that I find even more gut-wrenching. This movie also has a great ton of humor, that brights up the personalities, also with a punch of realism that gets you more engaged with the story and characters. Also can be described as a darker, complex and quiet game of Cat and Mouse, there is a sense of immense psychological intensity every time the characters get closer and closer to their goals, or maybe they think they are. David Fincher’s famous use of framing is yet again brilliantly applied, for even a 2 hours and 40 minutes run-time, he still manages to make a clean and pretty job. A truly underrated film, that is my personal favorite one from my love, the great David Fincher. ❤

Bite by Bite Movie Details Score!
This is my originally created list of movie details, all having the maximum score of 10, and a minimum score of 0. These are just my personal scores on how I felt about the details of the movie, if you have any objections, disagreements or agreements too, feel free to comment back, let’s have a discussion!

Story: 9.5/10
Character Development: 9.5/10
Intensity and Climax: 9.5/10
Originality: 7.5/10
Emotional Connection: 7/10
Discovery: 10/10
Script: 9/10
Camerawork: 9.5/10
Soundtrack/Score: 8.5/10
Message: 9.5/10

Total average score: 9 out of 10 Popcorn Bites! 😀
Personal Grade: Awesome Syrup! A+

Zodiac is definitely in my top 10 favorite movies of all time! It has a great balance of clues and mystery, not giving too much information that will not come off too puzzling or confusing the audience, but subtle and smart storytelling that continues to excites and intrigue. If you are a fan of mystery and puzzling films, this is definitely the movie you wouldn’t want to miss. So Get Popcorn and Get Comfy, this is Captain Popcorn!

(Image Credits: Movie Poster – Nick Yarborough, First Image – Collider, Second Image – The Telegraph)